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The Library at 91¥

Our Library is here to support the whole school community. We look after the information and research needs of students in years 7 – 11 and the Sixth Form. It is a comfortable and welcoming space where everyone can come to learn. We aim to provide all the resources and services needed to support teaching and learning and independent research.

The Library is a place for quiet reading and study.  We ask that all students respect this and behave sensibly and avoid disturbing others.  There is a no eating or drinking rule in the Library. 

There is plenty of room for students to do their work. We have a number of computers that can be used by students during opening hours. There is a combined printer, scanner and photocopier with both black and white and colour features available in the Library.

The Library has a range of fiction books for all reading abilities and interests, featuring classic titles as well as fiction books by contemporary authors.

Our non-fiction books offer materials to support the curriculum and to challenge the interests of students with popular choices such as books about Art, Science and English Literature.

Students may borrow 2 books for 2 weeks. If a student is a keen reader we will consider extending the number of loans they have on an individual basis.

The main Library is open throughout the school day.

We do not charge for late return of books. If a book is late we send a reminder; if a book is not returned after 3 reminders we assume the student has lost the book and an invoice for the replacement cost is sent to their parents. If a book is returned damaged, an invoice will also be sent.

All year 7 students receive an induction to the Library when they join the school.

V6 Sixth Form

V6 students have access to a wide range of web sites, journals, periodicals, newspapers and book stock more focused on non-fiction to support the curriculum and to encourage a variety of reading of specific subject areas at A Level.

The fiction collection available to Years 12 and 13 has classics at its core and is regularly added to with recent prize winning titles as well as familiar young adult novels and some popular fiction.

V6 students may use the Library during free periods if the Library is not being used by a class.

The Librarian can always be consulted about any of your research requirements. If we do not have the resources you require please talk to the Librarian for support with your research needs.


• Books

• Journals and magazines

• Films, music and audio CDs

• PCs

• Colour printer and copier

• Chrome books

• Online resources

The Library is managed by Miss Ford, Librarian.

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