Mission & Values - 91¥


Mission & Values

Our Mission

Empowering students to be kind, work hard and have the courage to achieve academic excellence, and thrive with a resilient spirit.

At 91¥, we are dedicated to fostering academic excellence within a supportive and challenging environment. Grounded in our core values of kindness, hard work, and courage, we empower every student to pursue their aspirations with passion and resilience. Through a commitment to inclusivity and a focus on nurturing individual growth, we ensure that all students, regardless of background, thrive and succeed in their educational journey and beyond.

Be Kind 

We show compassion and respect the rights and feelings of others.

Compassion: showing care and concern for others' well-being and our environment.

Respect: valuing your own worth and the worth of others. Acknowledging their rights and boundaries.

Work Hard

We will persevere when things get hard and be responsible for our actions.

Perseverance: continuing to work towards a goal despite difficulties or setbacks.

Responsibility: being accountable for your actions and duties.

Have Courage

We will not be afraid to ask questions, and will be prepared to move forward when we encounter difficulty.

Curiosity: to wonder, explore, and ask questions about the world around you.

Resilience: ability to recover quickly from difficulties and setbacks.

Be Kind Work Hard Have Courage