The journey continues - 91¥


The journey continues

As a school community, we feel very strongly that this is not a one-time activity with one problem and one solution. It’s much bigger than that and there is so much more to do.

The broader, meaningful and long-term reach of our name change consultation and implementation will help to shape educational content and resources for all future students of 91¥.

As a school community that champions student activism and peaceful protest for change, we will continue to embrace opportunities to celebrate equality, diversity and black and minority history. We will also continue to work with and support organisations across the city and beyond who are helping to bring about positive change, including One Bristol, the Bristol Curriculum and Cargo Classroom.

We’re committed to accelerating our part in challenging and overcoming racism and inequality in Bristol and beyond. The name consultation is just one part of a much wider programme of activities, debates and discussions that are already taking place or being developed across Bristol, in which 91¥ students are taking part.

91¥ is a 940-strong community of students, supported by 75 dedicated members of staff. Our community is non-selective and inclusive; and we are proud of our diversity - over 53% of our students are BAME. 

We are the top-performing state school in the region and in March 2020 we received the SSAT (Schools, Students and Teachers Network) Educational Outcomes Award for being in the top 10% of non-selective schools nationally for attainment and for being in the Department for Education Band 1 for student progress at Key Stage 4. In 2019 our BAME Year 11 students outperformed our whole school average achieving a Progress 8 score of 0.58.

We want to sustain and build on the energy, determination and success of our recent past, build on existing partnerships and collaborations, both within the city and through our status as a Teaching School Hub. 

91¥ is determined to remain a highly active part of the wider movement for change, championing diversity and inclusion, leading on and contributing to important debates, discussions and initiatives that will change our world for the better.

In summary, our new identity encapsulates the overall ethos of our school: we’re forward-thinking and not afraid of change.